FireSat Spacecraft Parts (SolidEdge)

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For those of you who own Spacecraft Structures & Mechanisms (Sarafin, T), I have created initial models (in SolidEdge) for the equipment list for the FireSat example illustrated in the book (pages 484/485)

I have also included a metric converted version of the equipment list in Excel.

NOT included are correct densities / material properties.  To replicate the masses of the components in the book, I made the models with the correct dimensions, but “made up” densities to calculate the correct mass. Modelling the material is for you to decide.   Please feel free to use / change the parts for your own needs – these are purely an initial “start” to get an idea for concept configuration analysis and I am sharing it to save you several hours of modelling so you can get straight into configuration studies!

Any questions feel free  to leave a message!  Download links are below, as well as the referenced book by Thomas Sarafin, available on Amazon.

FireSat Parts

Equipment List

In addition, to see how these parts can be used, check out my Spacecraft Configuration Tutorial here http://sciencebunker.siterubix.com/?p=439

Richard Arundal

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