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Whether or not you are a researcher or want to make some money whilst you are working or studying, have you thought about trading on-line from home? Just think, if you were trading on the side whilst you are at work or class, you could come back a few hours later and find you have made a nice trade!

With the Japanese YEN taking a bit of a value drop recently, especially against the USD (American Dollar) there have been some nice trade opportunities for this currency pair!  Here is a screenshot of my charts below (top left weekly, bottom left and bottom right daily and top right is hourly) – you too can learn how to understand these screens and potentially make a living from your front room!









Find out more about trading here  for a potential trading course and to try out a free practice trade account!  Or navigate the Surviving Research Financially menu at the top of this page, followed by Forex!


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Richard Arundal

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